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Cold drawing 4” Super Duplex

Here at Offshore Stainless Supplies, we are proud to shout about being the only cold drawn bar manufacturer in the UK with the capability to draw up to Ø4.0” Super Duplex. We’ve recently been producing Super Duplex 32760 FG, cold drawn to 4” thread rolling diameter. The end user will be manufacturing fasteners & fixings from this grade of material that will be exposed to a corrosive seawater environment.


Offshore are the only cold drawn bar manufacturer in the UK who can draw over Ø2.5” due to the size & power of our draw benches compared to other cold drawn bar producers. Specialising in Stainless Steel, Super Duplex and Nickel alloys, we can cold draw bespoke long lengths with tight tolerances in round, hexagon, rectangular and square sections to be used in the production of many of our customers unique products.

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