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Policy Statem


“We are in the business of processing and supplying stainless steel drawn bar and stainless steel sheet and other specialist items” 

It is the policy of Offshore Stainless Supplies to meet customer requirements in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We pride ourselves on a high level of service and aim to totally satisfy our customer expectations. We use a variety of manufacturing technologies and pride ourselves on a right first-time approach. We have a long standing and highly skilled workforce who understand our manufacturing capability and have pride in every drawn bar and stainless sheet supplied.

This policy is deployed through our quality management system that has been established, documented and implemented to fully conform to ISO 9001, customer-specific, applicable law and regulatory requirements as they apply to our products services. The company uses and promotes the ‘process approach’ and ‘risk based thinking’ as required by ISO9001.

We have a documented set of quality objectives and targets with a focus on meeting customers’ needs of expectations. 

Employees are our most important asset and are provided with instruction to ensure their understanding of the company policies and training to enable them to competently carry out their work.  They are given access to management system documentation and are made aware of relevant procedures and company objectives and are empowered to achieve them. 

The business management systems are reviewed at planned intervals to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy, effectiveness and to identify opportunities for continual improvement or the need for changes to be made.

Offshore Stainless Supplies do not design or develop for our customers. We may run a trail bar to ensure that we meet the requirements and specification.

Ian Fitzgerald
Group Operations Manager
Offshore Stainless Supplies
January 2024


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