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London Cycle Scheme

London's Cycle Scheme, popularly known as Boris Bikes after the then London mayor Boris Johnson, aimed to provide a sustainable and convenient mode of transportation for Londoners and visitors. As part of this initiative, there was a need for sturdy and durable bike stands to be installed across the city at designated locations.


Offshore Stainless Supplies - renowned as the world's largest stockholder and processor of 1.4003 Stainless Steel sheet and plate - secured the contract for the cutting and folding of stainless steel required to manufacture the bike stands. The scope of the project included precise cutting and folding of the stainless steel sheets to meet the specifications outlined by the client.

Boris Bikes 2
London cycle scheme

The bike stands needed to be fabricated with utmost precision to ensure stability and durability, as any inaccuracies in cutting or folding could compromise the integrity of the stands. With a large number of bike stands planned for installation across London, the project required efficient production within tight timelines to meet the demands of the cycle scheme rollout. 

Offshore Stainless Supplies leveraged cutting-edge machinery and technology to ensure precise cutting and folding of the 1.4003 stainless steel sheets according to the required dimensions and specifications, managing the high volume of stainless steel fabrication required for the project while adhering to the tight timeline. This also included rigorous inspections and adherence to industry standards.

As a prominent feature of London's streetscape, the bike stands needed to not only meet functional requirements but also uphold aesthetic standards, reflecting positively on the overall impression of the city. Offshore Stainless Supplies successfully delivered the fabricated 1.4003 stainless steel components within the stipulated timeframe, ensuring no delays in the installation of bike stands across London.

The fabricated bike stands met and exceeded the client's expectations in terms of both functionality and aesthetics, contributing to the overall success and positive reception of London's Cycle Scheme, exemplifying the successful execution of a project requiring precision, efficiency and quality.

With a proven track record of delivering high-quality stainless steel solutions, Offshore Stainless Supplies have established themselves as a trusted supplier in various industries. Through our expertise and commitment to excellence, we were delighted to have played a pivotal role in enhancing the urban landscape and promoting sustainable transportation in one of the world's major cities.

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