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Submarine Fasteners

Offshore Stainless Supplies stands as the UK’s premier manufacturer and stockholder of cold drawn bars, specialising in providing high-quality stainless steel, super duplex and nickel alloy solutions to various industries.


When the Royal Navy embarked on the ambitious programme, aiming to replace their aging fleet of submarines, Offshore Stainless Supplies were invited to participate in the ambitious initiative. These next-generation submarines, designed to serve for an extended period of 35 to 40 years, demanded components and materials of the highest specifications. Among these critical components were the fasteners essential for structural integrity and functionality.


Offshore Stainless Supplies was entrusted with supplying UNS 32760 super duplex strain-hardened bars to produce fasteners for the latest state-of-the-art submarines. The project involved manufacturing bespoke long-length bars with tight tolerances in round and hexagonal sections, tailored to meet the specific requirements of submarine construction.

The fasteners for the new submarines required materials that could withstand harsh marine environments, extreme pressures and prolonged service life, necessitating adherence to strict material specifications and quality standards. Each fastener also needed to be precisely tailored to fit its designated application within the submarine structure, requiring custom sizing, shapes and tolerances to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

With the intended service life of the submarines significantly extended compared to previous classes, the materials used for the fasteners needed to exhibit exceptional durability, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength to withstand decades of operational demands. Offshore Stainless Supplies delivered UNS 32760 super duplex strain-hardened bars of impeccable quality, engineered to withstand the extreme conditions, functionality and demands of the submarine operations. 

The use of top-specification materials and meticulous manufacturing processes ensured that the supplied fasteners would endure the extended service life of the submarines, contributing to their operational effectiveness and mission readiness over the decades to come.

The collaboration between Offshore Stainless Supplies and their client exemplifies the successful partnership between industry leaders in material supply and defence innovation. Through our commitment to excellence, technical expertise and customised solutions, we were able to play a pivotal role in supporting the development and construction of the next-generation submarines critical to the defence and security of the country.

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