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Box Section 1.4003

The following welded square and rectangular sections are available in 6 metre lengths. We stock wall thicknesses of 1.5mm, 2.0mm 3.0mm and 4mm.

Weights per metre table is available from a downloadable PDF. To download this file, enter your name, company and e-mail into the boxes below:

Square Sections

20mm x 20mm
25mm x 25mm
30mm x 30mm
35mm x 35mm
40mm x 40mm
50mm x 50mm
60mm x 60mm
70mm x 70mm
80mm x 80mm
Rectangular Sections

30mm x 20mm
40mm x 20mm
40mm x 30mm
50mm x 30mm
50mm x 40mm
60mm x 30mm
60mm x 40mm
70mm x 30mm
70mm x 50mm
80mm x 40mm
80mm x 60mm
90mm x 50mm
100mm x 40mm
100mm x 50mm
100mm x 60mm
110mm x 70mm
120mm x 40mm
120mm x 50mm
120mm x 60mm
120mm x 80mm
140mm x 80mm

Box Section 1.4003
Box Section 1.4003
Box Section 1.4003
Box Section 1.4003